Thanks for stopping by Talitha Cumi–the Worldwide Girl Tribe! Before you explore any further, go back with me a few years to a steamy African airport . . . . It was 2016. I boarded a flight to cross the Atlantic at a crossroads of ministry. “Speak to me, Lord,” I whispered with all sincerity as I took out my Bible while we taxied to the runway. I was desperate to hear from the only One Whose words counted. In that moment He faithfully spoke straight and clear from Daniel 9:23, “Thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision.”

I knew the Holy Spirit had been showing me something for a couple of months, but I couldn’t put the image together entirely. My burden for teen girls was growing intensely but I didn’t know what to do with it. All I knew was that I was in travail in the transition–like this baby was coming, ready or not! A few days later I awoke from a dream that brought into focus the very vision I had been considering. I understood the matter . . . . and its urgency. The mandate was clear. 

I dreamed that I was enjoying a nice celebration in America when suddenly I felt there was danger outside. I tried to quiet everyone. I went out the front door to go and see, and immediately I was in Africa. Across the yard and outside the wall were two huge military trucks filled with soldiers, obviously monitoring our house. I fell to my belly and began to crawl to the side of the house out of their sight. Here I found another military truck on a different mission. One by one, and with urgency, soldiers were taking from the house: girls! Clearly rescuing them to a place of safety. The driver approached me and said, “It’s time.” I understood that we needed to move quickly. I started to explain that I would be right back after running to do something. With firmness, the soldier persisted, “It’s time!

Talitha Cumi meaning, “Damsel Arise” is a word from the Lord God to His daughters. A word of HOPE looking impossibility STRAIGHT. IN. THE. FACE. A word of renewed purpose after all is lost. The hour has come. Hear ye the word of the Lord, “Talitha Cumi! It’s time!” 

WELCOME to Talitha Cumi—the Worldwide Girl Tribe. Allow us to show you around . . . .

Jubilee Ntoné Epée

Founder & CEO

Talitha Cumi Tribe, Inc.