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Jubilee Ntoné Epée, Founder & CEO

Jubilee Ntoné Epée is the Founder of Talitha Cumi Tribe, Inc. Having received a call of God to Africa at the age of fifteen, she spent nine years as a missionary doing a host of things that led up to this mandate to raise girls to life all around the globe. Her experience in the developing world, church ministry, education, and the delicate nature of relating one-on-one through counseling and mentoring all find expression through Talitha Cumi Tribe.

She holds a Masters in Education Administration with a love for academic excellence and has trained teachers in schools across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. And now, beyond the formal school setting,  she enjoys equipping mentors through the Talitha Cumi Tribe program. Her design of the scope and sequence of this curriculum offers a professional foundation for engaging, educating, and evaluating the girls. Its pertinent topics coupled with an enjoyable approach aid the mentor in establishing rapport with the mentee.

Jubilee is the wife of medical Doctor and Pastor Yohan Ntoné Eéee. “My husband and I met (Providentially) after we had each been serving God for many years in full-time ministry. It takes a special grace to blend into one what the Lord has established separately over time. But He also built in a need for each other that was realized when we discovered a common foundation, vision, and values. My husband has been the greatest source of encouragement and support for TCT right from the start. His leadership has provided an atmosphere of safety and liberty to flourish as he stands watch over the ministry and counsels the heart of his wife.” 

“One will chase a thousand, and two will put ten thousand to flight.” (Deut. 32:30)

If you would like to invite Jubilee to speak at your church, school, or event, or to dialogue with her to get to know more about this ministry, please write to us explaining the nature of the occasion. We would love to hear from you!