Invite Jubilee

Jubilee Ntoné Epée, Founder & CEO

Jubilee Ntoné Epée is the Founder of Talitha Cumi–The Worldwide Girl Tribe. She spent  nearly a decade as a missionary in Africa where this calling emerged to raise up girls all around the globe. She holds a Masters in Education Administration and has established an international mentorship academy where women are equipped to mentor teenage girls from all walks of life.

Her professional design of the scope and sequence for TCT’s curriculum offers a solid foundation for engaging, educating, and evaluating the girls with a comprehensive set of fundamental life skills every girl needs to arise and shine like never before. Its pertinent topics, coupled with an enjoyable approach, aid the mentor in establishing rapport with the mentee where experience and potential meet. Jubilee is married to Pastor/Doctor Yohan Ntoné Epée. Together they minister in the love of God which translates to every language and culture.

What started as speaking in churches across the United States about missions has grown into inspirational speaking engagements to impact a generation. If you would like to invite Jubilee to speak at your church, school, or event, or to dialogue with her to know more, please write to us explaining the nature of the occasion. We would love to hear from you!