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Definition of Roles

Talitha Cumi Tribe, Inc. is an international, interdenominational organization reaching out to adolescent girls. It is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization by the State of Oklahoma in the USA. Federal law requires the Board Members to be American citizens. However, the Incorporation seeks to call upon the volunteer partnership of those who share in its vision to see girls around the world rescued, revived, and raised to maturity to the glory of God. The leadership operates with accountability and partnership between the following positions. 

Board of Directors 

A body of eight American citizens who meets biannually to review the progress of the organization. Maintain legal standards of a religious, charitable non-profit organization registered with the United States Government, including giving account to the U.S. Government for how all funds are used. 

Receive and distribute donations on behalf of the ministry.
Solicit accountability from recipients of donations.
Provide accountability to its donors. 

Reserves the right to amend this organogram and any of its positions at the Board’s discretion.
Oversee and supervise the vision as directed by the Founder of the organization.

International Coordinator 

Facilitate public relations for the organization.
Mediate between the Board of Directors and the Country Coordinators.
Present reports of the fieldwork to the Board of Directors.
Communicate with existing and potential donors (inform and appreciate).
Work with the Country Coordinators to organize and coordinate major activities and events. Present Annual Calendar of Events.
Present Annual Budget.
Develop resources, including fundraising, volunteers, and partnerships of various natures. Supervise the implementation of the fieldwork in accordance with the objectives. 

Country Coordinator

Supervise the activities in their region.
Facilitate support to their region’s Mentors, both morale and practical.
Present reports of the fieldwork to the International Coordinator. (Compilation of any TC New Tribe DetailsTC Girls Details, and TC Tribe Progress Reports of any testimonies, needs, problems, or how unique situations were handled. The sharing of information and experiences helps us all grow.)
Solicit the support of local partnerships.
Work with the International Coordinator to organize and coordinate major activities and events. Appointed by the International Coordinator.
Must have experience as a Mentor or Training Facilitator. 

Deputy Coordinator

Assistant to their Country Coordinator in any and all responsibilities. Recommended by the Country Coordinator. Serves for 6 months and rotates off. Must be a current Mentor. 


Assists where needed but particularly in the area of communications between the Mentors and the Country Coordinator, disseminating information and feedback. 

Recommended by the Country Coordinator. Serves for 6 months and rotates off. Must be a current Mentor. 

Tribe Mentor 

Grow a group or “tribe” of girls, advisedly with a partner Mentor with a minimum goal of 10 girls in the first month. Personally meet with the guardians of the girls to explain the purpose of TC and identify yourself as the Tribe Mentor, either going to them or by hosting them where your tribe meets.
Attend official meetings such as trainings, prayer meetings, activities, and events.
Report to her Coordinator (or assistants) of the progress of her group at least every 2 months (TC Tribe Progress Report). Provide her Coordinator with data for each girl in her tribe, updating any new information every 2 months (TC Tribe Details). This can be sent via email, hard copy, or simply by photo of the data on the form if the image is clear enough. 

Every girl’s details should be registered the first time she attends.
Provide photo and video images of the tribe’s activities at least every 2 months, either on the official WhatsApp group or by other means.  

Tribe Leaders
Within each tribe, the Mentors should appoint a Lead Girl and Assistant to the Leader. They would rotate every 2 months to give more girls an opportunity to grow in leadership. The Mentors should remind them that they are positioned to serve their tribe by taking on more responsibilities like: assisting their Mentors, communicating announcements, leading prayers, songs, games, reaching out to others in the tribe in their time of need (sickness, grief, other challenges) and rallying the support of the others, proposing improvements and incentives, encouraging the girls to come on time and invite others, etc. 

We mentor the teen-aged girl in overcoming life’s challenges with dignity, integrity, creativity, and leadership from a biblical worldview, and introduce her to a host of life skills that allow her to discover her interests and develop her talents to fulfill her God-given purpose.

MISSION of Talitha Cumi–the Worldwide Girl Tribe